Kyen Ael'dian Swiftblade

Male Moon Elf Swashbuckler


Kyen Ael’dian Swiftblade grew up amongst the ruins of the Elven Court in the forest of Cormanthyr just west of the Dalelands. His father was a council member, tasked with providing guidance and protection during the multi-year dismantling and retreat to Evermeet. Kyen’s father understood that the old ways of the Elves were ending and that a more worldly view was necessary to flourish. For that reason Kyen was sent to Westgate most summers to experience other cultures and to learn what the city had to offer – though at times his wanderlust got the better of him and he found himself exploring the countryside rather than attending classes or working. Nevertheless it was in Waterdeep that he gained an understanding of Human culture, Dwarven ideals, and all of the other things the melting pot of a city was able to teach. Westgate was also where he combined the nimble fighting styles of the elves with the flashy street-dueling techniques practiced there.

By the late 1360s nearly all the elves of Cormanthyr had retreated to Evermeet and Kyen was forced to make a decision – leave with his people or continue to live in the culture that he understood so well? Kyen decided to stay. Within a few years the old Elven Court was overrun by Drow. Eager to see more of the world Kyen set out east.

Kyen Ael'dian Swiftblade

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