+1 Elven Composite Shortbow (DVault)

Dwarf Vault Treasure

weapon (ranged)

(Masterwork Composite Shortbow of Elven make, +1 Enhancement bonus, [ +1 STR Bonus ] )

+1 Composite Shortbow


One of two beautifully ornate composite bows depicting finely etched scenes of nature and what are unmistakenly naked dryads. The dryads are carved into the stave and nocks, so as they perfectly match the form and functionality of the bow. The string is secured intimately between their legs. Drawing the bow the dryads seem to animate, arching their backs as if they are assisting with the drawing of the string.

One of the treasures the party discovered in the abandoned dwarven vault.

+1 Elven Composite Shortbow (DVault)

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